The Most Priciest Female Escorts in the World

  • By Sandra Faleris
  • Sep 12, 2018

See how some of these ladies make as much as some of the top traders on Wall Street

With today's technology, escort services and independents are in a position to peddle their services on the Internet for the entire world to see. Photo galleries, thinly veiled services, expenditures and precise directions are now handy for the intelligent millionaire escort who likes to shop. There are now lots of escort websites from which to choose from.

We've all heard it before, from highly publicized celebrities, sports figures and politicians's indiscretions, not to mention via a few madams who have written their tell-all memoirs. The memoirs, we think, is not such a first-rate idea, as one former escort was thrown out of her apartment window. Yikes!

With all being said, we have put together a list of some of the most priciest delicious darlings. See how much they charge for an average night of “dinner and fun.”

10. Zahia Dehar - $1,200 / Night

Zahia is like a Barbie doll that looks amazingly pretty. While looking at her amazing photoshoot and the portfolio, it can be seen that her look is so unreal and she looks like a replica. She poses unnaturally with the looks which measure her as a popular Mattel Doll.

Miss Dehar started working as a prostitute in March 2008. She was making up to £20,000 a month sleeping with wide range of rich clients, especially multi-millionaire footballers.

They would fly her to destinations like Dubai, putting her up in five star hotels. She is also known to have attended European Cup football ties involving English clubs.

She is like a sugar baby who also seems to be among the most expensive prostitute

9. Loredana Jolie - $2,000 / Night

You can see that it's pretty obvious how Loredana spends her money. After seeing earlier photos, we can't help but notice her gargantuan lips. Sometimes these types of enhancements actually detract from the beautiful woman that was naturally there. Loredana is another of Tiger Woods' companions, and claims she was a preferred favorite of the golfer. 

Loredana claims she was only paid $15,000 at one time from all of the men she was with. Sounds like an unusual cash-rich club, or is it the layaway plan? We've heard otherwise, which is why we listed her at $2,000/night according to speculation.

8. Just Kassandra: $3,000 / Night

Just Kassandra is very exclusive and only takes clients she likes. She meets them in person and also makes arrangements which motivate adventurous travel and additionally she welcomes wealth in her world of power. Her website shows her as a very classy woman with whom men want to show off. She looks like she comes from a wealthy background, and actually may, it is unable to know for certain.

7. Ashley Dupre - $4,300 / Night

Remember Governor Eliot Spitzer's little affair with a woman named, Kristen? Evidently, Mr. Spitzer had been a customer of the Emporer's Club VIP, that arranged trysts with Kristen, and other women and paid over $15,000 in the six month period before his bust. In fact, the amount leaked later was that he had paid over $80,000 in "companions" since he was appointed Attorney General and later the governor of New York. While Dupre was being featured in Playboy and other men's magazines, Mr. Spitzer lost his career.

6. Ms. Maya Blue: $4,500 / Night

This ravishing young beauty has her own website with a full photo gallery, details, prices and suggested services. She has managed to make it to the top of the game by being a traveling courtesan and has men talking about her on Internet forums everywhere. Talk about genius marketing. Ms. Blue posts her travel schedule for advanced bookings. She is among the most expensive prostitute.

5. Ava Xi’an - $6,500 / Night

Ava Xi'an, a former New York Realtor, did not set out to be an escort. Xi’an is a victim of the sad stories where father become ill and do not become able to afford such a high cost of insurance of health. Art is being studied by her with which she deals with the clientele of upscale and she was charged to be about $ 45, 000 in a week. She made enough of the money for the surgery of her father. Her weekly fee was broken down into the cost of night which ended up with a number of people in a month.

4. Alina Percea - $8,800 / Night

Alina Percea is 18 year old who such old became in 2009 and she was auctioned in Romania for her virginity to be lost and she paid a huge amount of money to go through the medical exams in the big event. 'I liked the man and got on with him well. He didn't look 45, and he seemed much younger.’

3. Natalie McLennan - $16,000 / Night

This young woman looked lovely who was once known to be the escort of Numero in the New York City. She was famous for her sexy name which was also busted with a serious charge in the ring of prostitution in case of money laundering. She also got a book which was in the same financial way to the early methods.

You may have heard of her, as she was on the front of New York magazine as being the highest paid escort in the town at $2,000 an hour. For purposes of comparison, we tallied what a nightly rate would possibly be at $2,000 for eight hours. That's $16,000! They don’t call it 'tricks' for nothing.

2. Lauren: $24,000 / Night

We came by Lauren's information and photograph while researching this story. Leave it to the men's forums to spread the word of this favorite. All we know for sure is that she is loved as much for her personality, wit and charm as she is for her sensual witchcraft in the bedroom. Eyeglasses are twitched with something to be steamed.

1. Cannes Film Festival - $40,000 / Night

Unless you were born in a barn, you've heard or read about how escorts from all parts of the south of France, Spain and Italy flock to the 10-14 day period surrounding the Cannes Film Festival, which is usually held in May. The Cannes Film Festival is always surrounded by the fierce escorts to be hawked with the restaurants, clubs, marinas and hotel lobbies. It is great news to have the festivities with a very low pay and the night makes about $ 40,000. She wins the world’s most expensive prostitute.


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