How about a few kinky stories from this summer’s festivals?

  • By Alexandra Jones
  • Sep 11, 2018

…just because we were all curious about the shenanigans going on under the tent.

reddlights.comMargaux Carpentier

With one of the best summers hitting the UK in 2018, we were exposed to a plethora of festivals spread across the country. It was all about the music, the food, the hippie attires, and yes…the sex. Have you ever hooked up at a festival? Have you spent the night time rolling round a sweaty tent, acquired naked in the wonderful outdoors, or given into your drunken wish in a portable bathroom – all in the identify of good, unclean, hedonistic fun?

Yes getting down in a comfortable bed may be exceptional for the most part of the year, however, there’s something strangely attractive about, literally, getting down and dirty on a mossy playground for a few days.

We decided to have fun its spirit of hippie-style free-love with the aid of sharing a series of our favorite festival sex stories. But some of them might put you off ever sharing a tent again...

“Glastonbury is ridiculously exciting,” says Alix Fox, who co-hosts BBC Radio 1’s sex podcast Unexpected Fluids. Because of its hippie heritage, some of these free spirits view it as a memorable location to unleash their sexual desires.”

If hygiene isn’t a sticking factor for you, and you’re up for a little indulging in free love at a competition this summer, then simply be positive it’s secure sex, and 200% consensual (even though its hard being on 12 beers).

“When you’re a little tipsy, it would possibly seem like a outstanding idea to get jiggy with a good-looking stranger, but your friends can step in if, when you had been sober, you stated it’s some thing you didn’t desire to do.

“And don’t forget, only condoms can guard you from STIs – instances of which are reported to be on the rise. Be aware that any type of oil or grease on your palms can reason latex to deteriorate which can imply that condoms break. Glitter, too, can cause condoms to wreck – washing your fingers before dealing with condoms is usually a true idea."

Now that we’ve obtained the fitness and safety bit out of the way, right here are some fun stories of human beings peeling off their sweaty, grime-crusted garments and getting intimately acquainted at more than a few track festivals. Enjoy.

reddlights.comMargaux Carpentier

“He half crawled, half dragged himself, with no clothes on…”

“I got with a guy at Creamfields (a festival in Cheshire). It was during the day on one of the hottest days of the year. His tent was roasting and sincerely stank, however he extremely fit. Halfway thru he appeared to be having a bit of trouble. He was sweating a lot and looked quite ill. Suddenly he stopped – leaving me with my knickers around my ankles – then said, ‘I’m going to be sick'.

"He crawled, dragged himself out of the tent with nothing on, and collapsed on the grass. I hitched up my knickers and went out to see him. I ended up taking him to the clinical tent, and observed out he used to be suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion. I stayed with him whilst he received fluids, then we spent the rest of the day together. That was three years ago, and he’s now my boyfriend. We haven’t been back, but what a memory that was”.

- Maggie, 25, Luton

“I hitched his wedding dress…”

“I had sex with a man in a wedding gown at Glastonbury. We’d each lost our groups and ended up chatting after the headliner had finished. As he was dressed for a wedding, I thought it would be funny to propose. It was kinda romantic, to be honest. We 'consummated our union' behind the giant stone dragon in the woods subsequent to the Stone Circle. He laid down, I hitched up his dress, and I rode him to oblivion…

"We had been basically having sex on naked earth, on a pretty steep incline so it wasn’t exactly the 'wedding night' I’d constantly dreamed of, however it was a memorable experience. It got dark at some point, however I don’t assume we had been as well hidden, as three or four people started out clapping when we emerged from behind the dragon. We were clearly embarrassed, but still on cloud nine.”

- Jennifer, 27, Glasgow

reddlights.comMargaux Carpentier

“The toilet broke and we were blamed…”

“I had sex with a random guy I’d simply met in the bogs of a coach, while at a European dance tune festival. It used to be a 20-hour ride that descended into entire chaos. The sex was as unromantic as it sounds – in the dark, as the lavatory mild wasn’t working. It was while standing up.

"Anyway, the lavatory broke, and we were unfairly blamed by using the other human beings on the instruct (who’d all given us a standing ovation when we emerged). Me and the guy met up soon after at the pageant and bought it on there too – but I never saw him again after those magical few days. ”

- Penny, 21, Cambridge

“The taste of five-day-old matted hair put me off my game...”

“It was 3 or 4am on Sunday morning at WOMAD (a music festival in Wilshire), and not much was happening. It’s the kind of festival where people sleep right after the bands have played. So my mate - who I’d been flirting with all day, but had by no means slept with - and I determined to name it a night and retreated to to her tent. The act itself was a bit like novice wrestling: elbows to faces, our clothes flying everywhere. I was simply coming up for air, when all of sudden I observed myself with a mouthful of mud-encrusted hair.

"Nothing can put together you for the scent - or style - of five-day-old raveled hair. Think bonfires, falafel stalls, and human filth. As things stepped forward I grew to be conscious of how quiet the campsite was, different than the sound of flags in the breeze. So, these napping in the equal field didn't recognize being woken up through my hair-landing-in-mouth shriek and the reality I almost choked. It tasted like a mouldering sock, and threw me off my sport for a few seconds – though my mate just discovered it funny. After we would completed I heard the sound of one man clapping, followed by, 'Good job, now can you please shut up', which, to be fair, is one of the nice opinions I've ever had. Ever since then, we’ve been friends.”

- Edward, 31, London

reddlights.comMargaux Carpentier

“I had sex on the Pyramid stage…”

“In the past, I worked as an assistant to organise the Glastonbury festival – which essentially skill staying on Worthy Farm (where the festival is held) for up to a month beforehand. One day, my colleaugue and I had dropped off some washing, and had some time to kill before it would be done. As there used to be no one around – it was three weeks early – we decided to attempt and get onto the nearby Pyramid stage. We’d been seeing each other casually for a while, and when we received up there I suppose the super view – and the fact of being on the Pyramid stage – just got to us.

"We began to make out and then had sex, right on the middle of the stage. There was no one for miles around – and we were a little back, in the shadows, so I wasn’t worried about being spotted. The sex was once suitable – simply a few general positions, I was naked from the waist down, as was he. Afterwards, we spoke for a while, still taking in that epic view, then went to pick up our washing. Although we are friends now, we will always have that view pictured in our heads.”

- Jackie, 22, Devon

“I realised I was a lesbian”

“It was a Sunday at Leeds Festival and I’d lost all my mates, and then bumped into a girl I somewhat knew. She used to be staying in the boutique camping region and invited me to her bell tent to have drinks. It was freezing cold, as it was about 2am. I assume we each felt a little frisson of pleasure when we agreed to share her snoozing bag ‘for warmth'. Obviously, neither of us had showered seeing that getting to the festival – then we started out kissing, and then both desired to do more.

"After two nights of, essentially, snoozing hard though, I simply felt too gross to peel off all my clothes. She suggested we use the hot showers that were available in the more luxurious camping area. We showered together and received down to business there. Then headed lower back to her tent. Sadly, with the aid of that factor her boyfriend (who I additionally knew vaguely from home) and pals had been back. We parted approaches and didn’t see every other after that, however I broke up with my boyfriend soon after, and have solely been with women ever since. I simply suppose it used to be one of the great nights of my sexual life.”

- Heather, 29, Sheffield

*The names of those featured in this article have been changed.


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