35 Dangerously Dirty Questions That Will Turn You On

  • By Sean Jameson
  • Sep 28, 2018

Relationship in a rut? Get down and dirty by repeating these questions to him.


Get sexy in 35 totally new ways.

If you want something to be everlasting, you gotta keep your relationship spicy and exciting at all times. It's not just important for making sure that your man stays attracted and faithful, but also for making sure that YOU don't get bored!

So that's why we conjured up these 35 questions to ask him when you want to get in the mood for some fun sex games.

The aim of the questions is for both of you to discover new things and kinks about each other in a way that's fun and interesting. It's also a great way to show your man how adventurous you are.

You'll find that you don't necessarily have to get wild and nasty when coming up with your own. Some of the best dirty, sexy questions you can ask your man are actually quite tame while at the same time hinting at something naughty or kinky.

And remember, these work great for phone sex sessions or as sexy messages for sexting.

OK, so now that I have talked about the power for using dirty questions in your relationship and how to come up with your own, here are 35 dirty questions to ask your guy:


1. Can you guess what color my underwear is?

2. What's your deepest and darkest fantasy?

3. Have you ever read 50 Shades Of Grey? If yes, were you turned on?

4. Were you ever jealous when you saw me talking to another guy?

5. What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done to a girl?

6. When did you last masturbate? Did you think of me?


7. What's your favorite sex position when I'm on top?

8. Have you ever screamed someone else's name during sex, instead of the girl you were with?

9. Does my messy hair turn you on?

10. If you could choose between me being slightly overweight or slightly underweight, which would you choose?

11. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

12. About how many times have you done it in the shower?

13. Of all the things I've done with you in the bedroom, what's your favorite turn on?


14. Do you like having sex outside?

15. Have you ever put it up the ass? Did you like it?

16. What do you like to sleep in: pajamas, underwear or nothing at all?

17. Do you prefer hair down there or nothing at all?

18. Do you have a foot fetish?

19. Have you ever used a sex toy in bed?

20. Have you ever woken up any neighbors because you were so loud in the sack?


21. Do you prefer me wearing makeup or none at all?

22. Are you sexually sensitive on any part of your body?

23. Have you ever woken up beside someone you regretted sleeping with?

24. Oral, anal or regular? If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

25. Do you think you could give me an orgasm by only touching my breasts and kissing me?


26. If I could only wear yoga pants or short skirts for the rest of my life, what would you choose for me?

27. When was the last time you were at a strip club?

28. What's your favorite position when you're on top?

29. Have you ever dated two girls at the same time?

30. Have you ever had sex in public?

31. If you could only ever sleep with one celebrity, who would you choose?


32. Would it make you angry if you saw me making out with a super hot girl?

33. Are you more of an ass or boobs guy?

34. When did you last dream of me? Can you describe it?

35. Do you like it when I'm the dominant one in bed or do you prefer leading things?


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